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Currently we are actively looking for inquiries for franchisee in various states. For details please review the information provided below or contact us.

Since you visted our website so you have some interest in Brainobrain and if you have the interest in a business opportunity with us, We may help you to setup a business as a REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT FRANCHISE or AREA DEVELOPMENT FRANCHISEor franchise learning center.


Please send the below information with strict confidence. Your information is treated as confidential and we shall not release personal information without your written consent, absent court order or other legal process. 


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Franchisee Testimonials

My Journey with BRAINOBRAIN...

I’m Mrs Babita Baid, the franchisee and faculty of BRAINOBRAIN Mahalakshmi Layout, Bangalore. My journey with BOB began on 14th Feb 2005. I opened my centre on April 05 with just 15 kids and today I’ve successfully completed my 10th level training.


Like other friends of mine, I started just with a thought that I want to do something constructive in life along with my domestic life. I wanted to grow intellectually. I wanted something “PART-TIME” so that I could look after my kids and family and I wanted to be my own boss because I find it difficult to work under someone else as it curbs the liberty of thoughts and actions. Along with that I wanted to earn some pocket money and very small amount never attracted me much. And the problem was that I was just a graduate and I started thinking how I can achieve all this together. One of my friend suggested me to join BOB group and I thought let me start with something ‘small’ in the beginning and this is how I started my journey.


Today I’m totally a transformed person. What I thought was a small thing has given me “SO” much in my life. I’m very thankful to Mr.Ramki and Mr.Arul for this 100% support, without them BOB would not have been so successful!! I like all the faculty members too because everybody think and speak in same pattern. It’s so harmonious. I’m thankful to all my students on whom I could experience my talent and creativity. I get a lot of love, respect and enormous support from them and their parents. The best rewarding compliment I get from them is that “Your centre is so lively. Our kids feel free to express themselves and they like to attend the classes. They get a homely touch.” My success for this is that I work on their personal behavior to help them to change in their general behavior. I help them to change their fears into SMILES. Now I feel so proud to be a part of BOB family. I love my journey of this SUCCESS. Nothing can stop me from now onwards … because I’ve learnt enjoy the ‘PRESENT’.


 I feel every woman has got enormous power within her. Only the first step is little difficult, once you dare to take that bold step then you’ll keep on finding ways and means to attain your goals in life. Initially some roadblocks may come your way, but they make you all the more strong and powerful. It was very wise decision of BOB management to take only female faculties.


What all I’ve got after being a BOB faculty is a long list …..… I want to share with you all.


1.       Positive thinking

2.       Self Confidence

3.       Self esteem

4.       Financial independence

5.       Love and respect 

6.       Recognition

7.       Perseverance

8.       Open mindedness

9.       Decision making power

10.     Make best use of time

11.     Reading habit

12.     Emotional intelligence

13.     Handle challenges

14.     Self satisfaction

15.     Learned to forgive & forget

16.     Live in present

17.     Organizing and planning

18.     A better personality

19.     Lot of friends

20.     Lots of HAPPINESS.


And more……

Earlier I knew these words but practically didn’t keep a meaning in my life because I was a weakling. But now I’m strong enough to face challenges with a cool mind. These words have got a meaning in my life.

Today I’m happy and I’m powerful. My daughters are proud of me and I got support from my family members also.

I owe it to BRAINOBRAIN.



Mrs Babita Baid
BRAINOBRAIN - Mahalakshmi Layout

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